Work Method


  • Analyzing original architecture within its environment
  • Developing concept of space.
  • Making a proposal of space layout with concept sketches
  • Designing tone and manner for a space from the proposed layout
  • Reflecting a chosen layout on the proposal of space design options.
  • Visualizing the space design options with 3D images 
  • Planning the flow and programs in space.
  • Mapping out the materials to embody tone and manners in space.
  • Styling the space with matching furniture and art piece.
  • Elaborating the proposed design by reflecting on clients' feedback
  • Confirming the finishing materials and the details in the design
  • Specifying the 3D visualization with the decided materials 
  • Starting illumination design by collaboration with a specialist
  • Cooperating with the specialists and managing the cooperators for construction.
  • Documentation for construction authorization, such as Floor plan, Specifications, List of requirements, etc. 
  • Calculating the construction cost and the scope of works for a pre-tender estimate with an external architect.
  • Modifying the finishing materials and construction following the client's needs and requirements.
  1. *Avant Project Sommaire

    / Schematic design

  2. *Avant Project Definitif


  3. *Dossier de Consultation des Enterprise